Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I become a trained StrongWomen leader?

A. There are two StrongWomen curriculums, the original StrongWomen Program and StrongWomen – Healthy Hearts. Both programs are designed for midlife and older women. The StrongWomen Program is a strength training program, while StrongWomen – Healthy Hearts is a cardiovascular disease prevention curriculum that aims to help women reduce their risk of heart disease through fitness and nutrition education.

To become a trained StrongWomen Strength Training Leader:

We recommend that you have knowledge/expertise related to exercise prescription, such as a certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a Health Fitness Instructor (HFI). However, this is not a strict requirement and you can proceed with training if you feel comfortable with planning and facilitating regular group exercise and meet the minimum requirements listed below.

At a minimum, to become a leader, you will need to:
– Be actively strength training for at least 12 weeks
– Be affiliated with a nonprofit to offer the program
-attend a StrongWomen Strength Training workshop

You are absolutely able (and encouraged) to travel to other states hosting leader training workshops if none are available in your area during your time frame.

The best approach is to contact the SW Ambassador at whatever training site you’d like to attend. Click here for a list of upcoming trainings.

The SW Ambassador can let you know when workshops are taking place and answer any questions you might have about becoming a leader.

To become a trained StrongWomen – Healthy Hearts Leader:

We again recommend that you have experience in providing physical activity instruction and/or health or nutrition education and a relevant educational background in physical activity, nutrition, or some aspect of public health.

You must also be:
-CPR certified
-Be an employee/staff or work in partnership with a nonprofit organization or plan to offer
StrongWomen – Healthy Hearts in a not for profit setting/application
-Be able to participate in a web-based training
To find out more about the requirements to become a StrongWomen – Healthy Hearts trained leader and purchase the two part virtual training program, see our website.

Q. Is the StrongWomen Stay Young VHS available in DVD?

A. Unfortunately, the StrongWomen Stay Young VHS was never converted to DVD format. However, the StrongWomen Preventing Osteoporosis DVD available here is similarly focused on physical activity and nutrition choices that increase function and decrease the risk of bone loss and injury. We also encourage you to take a look at all of the books and DVDs offered on our site to find the program that best fits your needs.

Q. I have a specific question regarding my health. Can you refer me to a specialist in my area?

A. Because we are primarily a research institution, we do not keep a current list of medical providers or provide case-by-case medical advice. A good place to start looking for a specialist is by working with your primary care physician and soliciting recommendations from your social network.

Q. I have a medical condition that makes me wonder if your curriculum is safe for me to use. How do I know?

A.Each StrongWomen book provides general guidance regarding the safety considerations for individuals participating in strength training. This is a good first place to look to see if your medical condition excludes you from this type of exercise. If you are still unsure about the safety of a particular exercises or have lingering questions, please consult your medical provider before pursuing strength training.

Q: Where can I find information about the research that validates the StrongWomen curriculum? Does this research include men?

A. You can access the research base for the StrongWomen program on our website:

Many of the studies included men in their test populations and proved that strength training can be effective in improving function and decreasing age-related physical deteriorations in men. However, our program chooses specifically to focus on women and we do not have any population-level results regarding the effectiveness of the StrongWomen curriculums in males.

Q. How can I bring a StrongWomen class to my area?

A. To bring a StrongWomen class to your area, someone in your community needs to become a trained StrongWomen Leader and commit to providing a regular StrongWomen class. The instructions for becoming a StrongWomen leader can be found here.

Q. I have a fitness and/or nutrition product that would be perfect for StrongWomen participants. How can I have my product and/or website linked to the StrongWomen webpage?

A. It is our institutional policy that we do not endorse individual products and we do not link to outside commercial sites.