Social Network Diet

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The Social Network Diet: Change Yourself, Change the World offers a powerful new approach to making healthy change in your own life and the world by harnessing the power of social networking, especially person-to-person connections.  Rooted in solid scientific research, the book provides proved strategies on how to make lasting, positive change in your life by creating a supportive social network and a healthy food and physical activity environment.  The book includes:

  • Self-assessments to analyze your personal food and physical activity environment
  • 1-Day challenges to reduce added sugars and boost energy expenditures and a 7-Day Jumpstart to launch your lifestyle change
  • Tools to develop a supportive social network, both person and virtual
  • Easy strategies for increasing physical activity throughout the day.
  • Inspiring personal stories of success

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD and Jennifer Ackerman. FastPencil, 193 pages, September 2011.