Toolkit for Change

This toolkit will enable you and your community to follow a step-by-step process on how to change the physical activity or nutrition environment in your community. A good first step before convening a Change Club is to read Dr. Nelson’s latest book, “The Social Network Diet.” The first two chapters put the obesity epidemic into context and would be a good resource to get you thinking about your Change Club and the issues you would like to address.

Proceed through the following five steps to form your Change Club, select the issue that your group would like to address, and to get to work!

Step 1. Form a Change Club.
Learn more about how to establish a Change Club in your town.

Step 2. Assess your Community.
Find out how to gather information about the elements within your town that support or hinder community members’ ability to lead healthy lives with respect to food and physical activity.

Step 3. Select an Issue.
Facilitate your Change Club through a participatory process to select an issue that everyone feels passionate about.

Step 4. Create A Plan.
Follow this guide on how to create your Change Club’s road map to success!

Step 5. Get to Work.
Find more useful materials to help you with your change efforts.