Physical Activity Philosophy

The StrongWomen Physical Activity Philosophy aims to help you be as active as possible. We encourage you to be deliberate and intentional in planning your physical activity. This will help you stick with the activities over time. StrongWomen has three points to guide this philosophy.

Seek out active transport as often as possible. If possible, walk or bike instead of drive.

Break a sweat one or more times a week. Vigorous physical activity offers great benefits and the “break a sweat”€ rule of thumb is a good indicator of the intensity of a workout.

Find new opportunities to be active during the week. Take a walk with friends, shovel snow, go to a rock-climbing gym, dance, go to the gym, go for a run.  New opportunities keep your daily physical activity schedule exciting and interesting.

Our physical activity philosophy is meant to help you envision your ideal physical activity lifestyle. Your philosophy will be unique to you and based on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Take some time to write down your vision of your ideal physical activity lifestyle. Be well StrongWomen!