Nutrition Philosophy

Our nutrition philosophy is a guide for keeping yourself nourished and aims to help you build a diet from a foundation of real foods.

Most importantly, let the planet be your guide. The most healthful and nutritious foods come directly from the earth. Our current food supply does not encourage this way of eating, so when choosing foods ask yourself, ‘Where did this come from?’ Focus on whole, minimally processed foods with little packaging. Shift toward more plant-based foods. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds are nutrition powerhouses and are naturally healthful.

Nourish your body for peak health. Eat throughout the day – breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. This pattern of eating helps you to nourish yourself to accomplish tasks of daily life. Eating throughout the day also helps you to maintain energy balance. Do this by making judicious choices in quality and quantity of food. Balance how much you eat with your physical activity to maintain a healthy weight.

Be mindful of your choices and don’t take good nutrition for granted. Make time for meals and take a few extra minutes to be present and thankful. Savor the experience of your meal, not only what you eat, but how you eat. Enjoy dinner at a table with family or friends. Turn off the television and the computer. Also consider the impact of your food choices. Look for foods that are sustainably grown, produced and packaged. We at StrongWomen believe we can nourish our bodies while also supporting the environment.

Our philosophy is meant as a guide for more mindful and healthy eating and for helping individuals maintain energy balance and a healthy body weight. It is by no means a template for everyone. We encourage you to create a nutrition philosophy to help guide your choices. Your nutrition philosophy should reflect who you are as an individual and should be created with your cultural heritage, family traditions and life experiences in mind. Bon appétit StrongWomen.