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StrongWomen envisions a diverse community of women who are fit, strong, and healthy; in turn these empowered women become agents of change for their families, communities, and beyond.

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The Quality of Motivation Is Not the Same

October 9, 2013

by Sara C. Folta, PhD Have you ever sensed that within your StrongWomen classes, there are differences in the reasons your participants are there and that these differences are related to how hard they work, how often they show up, and whether they stick around?  In this post, I'll discuss the different qualities of motivation, [...]


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I was in the pool with my six year old when we started goofing around showing off our muscles. I made a muscle with my biceps. He felt it and said "Wow, Mommy, you are stronger than Dad!"€ (I definitely am not, but it was fun to hear.) - Joan Read more