Dr. Miriam Nelson’s Books

Dr. Nelson has published ten books and three videos that provide guidance and strategies to help women live strong and healthy lives. Her latest book the Social Network Diet: Change Yourself, Change the World was released September 2011. Her previous nine books were in the The Strong Women Series. All of Dr. Nelson’s books are evidence-based and highlight the latest innovative research in regard to physical activity and nutrition for women.  The books are available in 14 languages and have sold over a million copies worldwide.  A number of the books have been New York Times bestsellers.

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The Social Network Diet: Change Yourself, Change the World offers a powerful new approach to making healthy change in your own life and the world by harnessing the power of social networking, especially person-to-person connections.  Rooted in solid scientific research, the book provides proved strategies on how to make lasting, positive change in your life by creating a supportive social network and a healthy food and physical activity environment.  The book includes:

  • Self-assessments to analyze your personal food and physical activity environment
  • 1-Day challenges to reduce added sugars and boost energy expenditures and a 7-Day Jumpstart to launch your lifestyle change
  • Tools to develop a supportive social network, both person and virtual
  • Easy strategies for increasing physical activity throughout the day.
  • Inspiring personal stories of success

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD and Jennifer Ackerman. FastPencil, 193 pages, September 2011.

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The Strong Women’s Guide to Total Health arms women with the information they need to create and maintain lifelong, vibrant health.  It offers a complete picture of the broad spectrum of issues that impact women’s health, including:

  • Stress management and emotional well-being
  • Exercise, nutrition, and weight control
  • Heart and cardiovascular health
  • Beauty, inside and out
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Disease prevention

This practical, hands-on guide also offers a self-assessment tool to help you understand your current state of health and the diseases and health issues for which you may be at risk.

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD and Jennifer Ackerman.  Rodale, 450 pages, April 2010.

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In Strong Women, Strong Hearts women will find the essential information they need to help them prevent or reverse heart disease. In this comprehensive, practical, and empowering guide, Dr. Nelson teams up with Tufts University colleague and heart disease expert Dr. Alice Lichtenstein to offer advice on diet, exercise, weight loss, stress reduction, and other key strategies, all tailored specifically for women.

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD, Alice H. Lichtenstein, DSc, with Lawrence Lindner, MA.  Putnam Books, 255 pages, May 2005.

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StrongWomenPreventing Osteoporosis DVD explains the leading causes of osteoporosis and suggests lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk. The video shows what can be done to prevent bone loss and build strength. The DVD includes an eating plan, secrets to success and a 39-minute workout routine. 60 minutes. USA. The exercise program has three parts: High Impact section that includes jumping (10 minutes), Strength building section (20 minutes), and Balance section (10 minutes).

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD. Produced by Gaiam, Running Time: 60 minutes, April 2008.

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In StrongWomenWeight Loss, Dr. Nelson outlines causes for the alarming trends in weight gain and obesity during the past two decades and talk about why most diets fail. Changing behavior can be challenging, but this video provides support to help take charge of your weight.  The exercise program has 2 parts: an aerobic section (25-35 minutes) and a core strengthening section (5 minutes).

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD. Produced by Gaiam, Running Time: 66 minutes, April 2008.

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In Strong Women, Strong Backs Dr. Miriam E. Nelson presents information on how to maintain a healthy back.  This book explores:

  • The major causes of back pain in women
  • How stress and other emotional factors play a key role
  • A straightforward exercise program to improve flexibility, strength, and aerobic fitness
  • Ways to create a back-friendly home and office
  • Explanations of what medical options are available- and how to know when they might be necessary

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD with Lawrence Lindner, MA.  Putnam Books, 194 pages, September 2006.

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This 52-week journal allows you to keep track of daily exercise and eating patterns, as well as thoughts and feelings along the way.  The Strong Women’s Journal provides:

A step by step plan to shape up, scientifically-based dietary tips, aerobic and strength-training exercises, inspirational quotes and success stories, charts for keeping track of medical visits and test results, a place for writing down thoughts and feelings, ways to track the seasonal ebb and flow of your moods, and questions to inspire reflection along the way.

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD. Perigee Books, 300 pages, December 2003.

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Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis is for the more than forty million Americans who have arthritis and the countless others who are at risk.  The book presents a simple and practical plan that has been proven to reduce the pain and immobility caused by arthritis.  The authors show the direct connection between a strength-training program that you can do at home and the reduction of arthritis symptoms.

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD, Kristin Baker, PhD, Ronenn Roubenoff, MD, MHS, with Lawrence Lindner, MA.  (New York Times bestseller).  Putnam Books, 298 pages, April 2002.

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Strong Women Eat Well helps guide women to make the right food decision and clears away the misconceptions and myths—often fueled by the proponents of diets that focus on weight loss.  Learn how to read and understand “Nutrition Facts.”  The book contains 50 original, delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes.

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD with Judy Knipe.  (New York Times bestseller).  Putnam Books, 270 pages, July 2001.

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Strong Women, Strong Bones provides women with all of the information they need to prevent, treat, and beat osteoporosis. Starting around age thirty-five, women lose up to one percent of their bone mass each year.  Often symptoms don’t appear for decades, and while the disease is preventable and treatable, calcium and walking aren’t enough.  Strong Women Strong Bones features a one-hour-per-year plan for healthy bones, a questionnaire that reveals hidden risk factors, tips on supplements beyond calcium, recommended exercise beyond walking, facts on medications, and a special chapter for men.  This book received the Book for a Better Life Award in 2001.

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD with Sarah Wernick, PhD.  (New York Times bestseller).  Putnam Books, 308 pages, April 2000.

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Strong Women Stay Slim is the first book to combine the extraordinary power of strength training with a safe, medically proven weight-loss program.  Research has shown that strength training helps to increase metabolism and aid in weight loss.  No matter your age or fitness level, you can start with the book’s six simple exercises for the home or office.  Included in the book is nutrition information about weight, appetite, nutrition, and fitness, a ‘hunger-free’ food plan, and exercise progression logs and guidance for the first ten weeks.

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD with Sarah Wernick, PhD.  (New York Times bestseller).  Bantam Books, 317 pages, April 1998.

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Strong Women Stay Young is Dr. Nelson’s first book based on research that she and her colleagues conducted on strength training and bone density.  The study made worldwide news when the results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. After a year of strength training twice per week the participants in the study had less fat and more muscle; bone loss was prevented or reversed; their strength and energy increased dramatically; and they showed surprising gains in balance and flexibility.  Strong Women Stay Young shows how women can achieve the same benefits at home, in a program tailored to her individual needs.

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD with Sarah Wernick, PhD.  Bantam Books, 288 pages, April 1997 (revised edition published in 2000).